Class 10: Promote Active Viewing

This week our focus will be designing lessons around existing video content. There’s so much video content out there , but you need to help students truly interact with the video content, rather than passively consuming it. 

First – take a quick look at ViewPure – share video content with students without related sidebar video suggestions. 
Click here to “purify” a video.
This is a great tool to shelter your students from nasty YouTube content that may only be a few clicks away.

In this lesson we will use EdPuzzle. It’s a free web-based tool that you can use to pick a video, add your magical touch and track your students’ understanding. It allows you to add questions, audio and notes to existing videos from Y ouTube, Khan Academy, Crash Course and more. If you’d rather record and upload your own video, go for it!

Create a free teacher account at EdPuzzle.
Follow these steps to create an account, a test class, and make content

Here’s a guide to using EdPuzzle (plus more info here)

Here’s how to get an embed code from EdPuzzle to use with HTML Snippets
Courtesy of Claire
ASSIGNMENT | EdPuzzles 20-A10

Use EdPuzzle to turn a video into a lesson.

  • You can use a video you create or a video you find on the internet.
  • Your EdPuzzle should include a variety of questions, comments and notes. How about a voice over?
  • Embed into a WordPress post that includes a written description of the audience and purpose of your lesson. 
  • As always, be sure to include a featured image and clever title for your post.
  • Need Ideas? Here’s 6 Ways to Use Edpuzzle for Elementary Students

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  1. Hello, everyone I hope you are all staying in and safe, I miss you all!! This is my check in for class.

  2. Hey lovely humans! I have never heard of EdPuzzle so I am excited to work with it! Hope everyone is safe and healthy!

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