Adobe Spark Video Review

Last week in class we had the opportunity to use three different apps to create videos within the classroom. We were split into different groups, which reviewed and played with a different app each. I was able to test out and try Adobe Spark Video app. The app proved to be a success within in my group, but also had a few setbacks.

To begin,  the Spark app can be used on most any device, which is handy for teachers. It will work on iPads and computers depending on what is used in a particular classroom. The making of a video is pretty simple. You can either use a template made or start from scratch, both seem to be student and teacher friendly. my group agreed that any grade third and up would easily be able to maneuver the app. It is a simple app, which for students, can be considered a good thing so it doesn’t become too complicated.

A few downsides were found as well. You could not record a video on the app, you had to upload from what you already have. The font size, and placement of text only had one to two options which was sometimes frustrating.

I enjoyed using this app, and I would use this in the classroom.

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