Last class, we got to have fun making videos on a variety of different apps including Adobe Spark, Toontastic, and Clips. I chose to mess around making videos on Toontastic, which actually ended up being really fun. I think Toontastic would be great to have students use to make book or science reports. Students get to make their own characters and are given clear instructions as well as information on the different parts of a story or science report. The app is free as well, so if students have access to iPads in the classroom it would be easy and cost efficient for teachers to download. Overall, I think Toontastic is a great tool to use to promote creativity in the classroom.

Here are some videos we made using Toontastic:

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  1. Toontastic was made for you and Hanna. (Or is it the reverse?) Nice jobs with your first videos. I’m sure students would have even more fun.
    PS. Do you have a source for the featured image?

  2. I totally agree with your point of Toontastic being a cost-effective way for teachers to promote creativity in the classroom and in our students which is super important. I also really enjoyed watching your videos very fun seeing the creativity you put into them and how you used the apps features to customise your characters and just have fun with it.

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