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In class I explored and played around with Toontastic and thought it was a really fun video-making/animation app that students would definitely have fun with. I think this is engaging for students as they get the opportunity to create their stories and then bring them to life with toontastic creating a short visual of their stories which they could then share with their peers. One thing I noticed with this app is that there are so many options to choose from in terms of settings and because you have to record yourself saying the story, you would definitely want to have students create their script before they create their video. Toontastic is also really fun because you can actively move your characters around and can even customize your characters to look more like you or even have your own face.

The thing I notice is that is was very easy to get pulled into your story and bringing it to life that you want to keep building on it or make more stories. This is great because especially for young kids it gives them a purpose or connection between what they are writing and what they can create. I also really enjoy that Toontastic gives you the opportunity to draw your own setting or characters so if you have a student who is super artistic they can create their own instead of using the premade backgrounds or characters. I think that Toontastic could be used in many ways as well, you could have each student make an individual project, you could use it as a partner or group project activity, or you even have the opportunity to create a class story and then make that story come to life in Toontastic.

The only main problem I could see with Toontastic is that there is not an easy way to share it. You must save it to your device first, then share it, and then upload it wherever you want. Granted, this is not that much of a hassle but a little more than some of the other apps we have used in the past but definitely worth it in my opinion!

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  1. Very practical review. Useful for teachers considering use. Good point on the lack of embed option. Sharing is caring …

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