A Guide to the University of California Campuses

This map is for those applying to college and are considering attending one of the University of California campuses. I really like how you can use MyMaps to explore different prompts. I like how students can easily navigate around the maps and see pictures and explanations of the place with one click. Teachers can use MyMaps for different reasons such as for showing capitals of US states or even different iconic landmarks around the world. It is also super cool that students can get a visual of exactly where everything is located.

2 Replies to “A Guide to the University of California Campuses”

  1. This is a really cool idea Amy. This map would be great to use for a high school student who is thinking about going to college in California.

  2. This would be a wonderful resource for high school students! I love how the interactive portion of the activity allows students to put their own personal notes about the schools, impressions, etc.

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