United States Agriculture

This map is designed to help fifth graders learn the main crops in each region in the US. This can be tied with a health, social studies, or map unit.

Students can compare the different regions of the US and use previous knowledge about the terrain and weather of the different regions to try to predict why these crops are able to grow. They can try to figure out which crops are the most prevalent in the US and which are the most uncommon.

Cover Photo: Thorn

3 Replies to “United States Agriculture”

  1. WOW, I really like this idea. By having all 50 states it is easy for the children to see which regions of the US are able to grow which crops. 10/10 would use this map for a lesson.

  2. Hi Ysabelle!
    This is so interesting! This is new information for me and it is important information to learn because it will help students learn where their agricultural products come from. It is nice that there is more than one state that has the same main crop. It would be a great activity to have them compare and contrast the different states’ crops!

  3. This is a super cool idea in teaching about what the different 50 states are known for. I also like that through this map students will be able to see which crop grows best in each state, and they can compare and contrast to see if other states are best known for that too! I really like this and it is something I would do in the future!

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