The History of Hawai’i

I created this map to teach people about historical landmarks of Hawaii and the events that took place at this landmarks. I thought this would be a good idea because as a teacher, I would want my students to know about where I am and the important history surrounding my home. This project taught me that creating a mymap is not as difficult as it looks, and in the future I will create MyMaps for places I want to visit! Mymaps is a great organizational and travel tool.

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  1. Makamae, I think this is a great activity! I liked your insight on how MyMaps is a lot easier to use than it appears and how it’s a great organizational tool. I totally agree. I was a little confused looking at MyMaps initially, but I think it’s such a great resource to have for the classroom and in our personal lives. I think the activity you created is great and I agree with the importance of students getting to know their teacher. I think you could use this activity at the beginning of the year to introduce yourself to students, especially as a new teacher. Nice job!

  2. This would be a awesome get to know me activity. If its high school you could teach the kids how to make these and they could share as an entire class during the first week of school. Students will all learn and know about each other.

  3. I really like this idea! I think its a great way for students to get to know a little more about you. And this could also be a fun interactive activity for your students to do. This would be a good get to know me activity for the entire class.

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