Class 4: Teaching With Jamboard

Featured image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

We will lead off today’s class with a Google tools self assessment. This will help guide our study moving forward.

Class Overview

Activity 1: We will introduce Jamboard with a “Hello My Name Is” activity.

Activity 2: Working with your group – answer the following on our collaborative Jamboard.

  • What does Jamboard do best? 
  • How do you manage use with students?
  • What technical requirements need to be met?

Activity 3: How would you set up and run Jamboard to do the following?

Answer question above – working in groups of two on this Jamboard on the slide that matches your group number. What does teacher do? What do students do?

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Graphic organizer
  3. Showcase student work
  4. Timeline / diagram
  5. Concept (mind) map
  6. Entrance / exit ticket

Activity 4: Jamboard Scavenger Hunt

Working in small teams find at least 5 good examples of how teachers effectively use Jamboard to achieve one of the goals above: Your goals should match your breakout group number. Curate your examples on a Pinterest of your own design and then share the URL with the instructor for posting below.

Jamboard Scavenger Hunt Results

  1. Brainstorm: Georgina, Kasidy, Lannie Board
  1. Graphic organizer: Jack, Jenna  Board
  1. Showcase student work: Chloe, Hailey Board
  1. Timeline / diagram: Kate,Mykaela Board 
  1. Concept (mind) map: Isabella, Marlee Board
  1. Entrance / exit ticket: Elizabeth, Kaelyn Board

Assignment 4: Design a Jamboard Learning Activity | Jamboard lessons 22-A4

Design a Jamboard based lesson as the basis of your next post. Your post should include:

  1. Title and featured image
  2. Context of the activity – see our list #3 above (ex. Brainstorm, etc)
  3. Target student group for lesson – grade level or subject
  4. Instructions for students
  5. Goal for lesson and how the Jamboard help you meet the goal.
  6. Be sure to set the “Sharing” setting of your Jamboard to “anyone on the internet with this link CAN VIEW.”
  7. A screenshot of the Jamboard (Jamboard cannot be embedded into another site)
  8. Use the screenshot with text hyperlink to Jamboard (like I did below)

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