VideoAnt is an app that allows students to watch a video and answer questions associated with the lesson the video is touching upon. For teachers, it is a simple app to use that only requires copying a youtube video link. You can insert questions throughout the length of the video. As the students watch the video, the questions are there on the side and will flash yellow really quickly to let the students know there is a question to answer. When students reply to the question, they can later see other responses. This makes for a good discussion about the subject.

However, once the question flashes, the video keeps on going which does not allow students much time to answer the question. In order to respond, they would have to pause the video themselves to answer. It also does not allow for different questions such as multiple choice or true/false.

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  1. I appreciate your comments about using this app. I think this is a great tool, but would definitely be restrictive as to what grade levels you can use it with. I also don’t like that you can’t put differentiated question types like multiple choice, etc. You did a great job with this post, thanks!

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