Travel the Oregon Trail

By: Sam Laughlin and Caroline Halvorson

This is a map following the Oregon Trail. Typically in the 4th grade students learn about the Oregon trail and having an interactive map that leads to outside sources with information. The map conveys the path of the trail and can see what the topographical map would have looked like then as well as how long it would have taken then to travel across the continent versus what it takes now.

3 Replies to “Travel the Oregon Trail”

  1. This is a good idea for students to learn about the Oregon Trail and to visually see the path that was travelled! It is something that is important to learn about, and it will make it fun and interactive for students!

  2. Love this use of the maps! I could see more and more teachers using this to get students excited to learn about history, and I can see myself using this for other historical events happening over a period of time

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