The Unique Life of Ms. Circle

Audience: Kindergarten

Topic(s): Math and SEL

Purpose: This would be a great book to use to show students, especially younger ones, three great things. First of all, it can introduce younger students to Book Creator, letting them start to understand the platform and its use. Secondly, this lesson would be a great way to teach kindergarteners about shapes and the differences between different shapes. For example, what makes a circle, a circle. Last, but not least, this book can help develop students’ SEL. The book comes with a moral and teaches students at a very basic level how to treat others.


Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

4 Replies to “The Unique Life of Ms. Circle”

  1. Hi Georgina! This was such a cute book. The graphics were great and you could tell you put a lot of effort into it! I think kindergarteners would love it and it includes some important math and SEL concepts. Great book!

  2. Georgina! This book was so so cute and I loved that it went over shape properties AND some SEL. I really enjoyed reading your book, great job!

  3. Georgina, what a charming creation. A clever story, well illustrated with an underlying lesson. Such a great example of how to use Book Creator. Well done!

  4. Georgina, I really love the pictures and how they correlate with the story itself! Very engaging and super cute book with a good lesson 🙂

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