Meeting the Planets!

This book is an introduction to the planets and the solar system. It allows students to “meet” the different planets and learn a little bit about each of them. This book could be used as a small introduction/review before going into deeper instruction on the function of the solar system or the individual planets.

3 Replies to “Meeting the Planets!”

  1. Mykaela, what a clever book. It’s well designed – with great illustrations. The text is well crafted and it really moves the book along. You should be very proud of this. A terrific example of using Book Creator to engage students.

  2. Mykaela, I really love the illustrations of the book and I think that this is a super fun way to introduce students to the planets! Great job!

  3. Mykaelaaaaa I really liked your book!! I feel like it would be so fun to read to the class since each planet has a different personality and speaking tone (They had all sorts of accents when I was reading it in my head). Your writing was quick-witted and informational, even I learned a lot! I like how you kept the end of the book open for a sequel. It naturally leaves open the possibility of going back for another visit if the kids want to! Good job!

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