The Lewis and Clark Expedition in Our Own Backyard

Featured Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

This lesson could be for either a grade 4 or 5 class depending on your state’s curriculum. The goal of this lesson is to explore the important locations of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Student will get to use a google form to learn about some of the key points on their own and then as a class we will look at the the expedition and how they trekked through our own backyard!


Students should grab a computer from the cart and login. The teacher will have a google form linked on their class website that they can click on. Students are welcome to put headphones in and listen to music as long as they have it at a volume that doesn’t disrupt other students around them. We will work independently for 10 minutes, students should use the time to try to make it through at least two choices on the google form. Then will talk with partners about one interesting thing they learned or a question that came up. Then we will have another 10 minutes to work before we go over the map as a class! None of the important points included on the map from the Lewis and Clark expedition will be on the form since we will be focusing on those as a class.

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  1. A very clever approach to merge Google MyMaps and Google Forms into a self-directed learning experience. Good research and organization to plan and execute this lesson package. Detailed instructions do a good job of contextualizing the lesson.

    Impressive lesson that will resonate nicely with regional students.

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