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Hey everyone! This video specifically for a history class learning about Ancient Egypt, but I mainly wanted to share something I learned doing this screencast.

Using the Loom extension on the Chrome browser, I was able to make a screencast of a scene from a documentary on Hulu. I’ve looked at several other streaming services and Loom works very well recording those as well!

This can allow you to share scenes and documentaries with your students without having to worry if students have access to Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime outside of the classroom especially if you want to assign students scenes to view as homework. This also allows students more time to process the information from the scene you’re sharing when they’re viewing the video individually.

With Loom, you can still pause the documentary, as I did in the end of my screencast video, and address your students. This gives you time to ask students to jot down notes real quick or ponder certain themes you want them to.

So the screen is smaller in the video because I did not have the documentary itself in fullscreen (I had other windows open), but if you fullscreen the documentary, that box in your Loom screencast will get bigger.

Loom also allows viewers to leave emojis and comments, so your students can watch the videos and leave comments on questions they might have or concerns.


Photo by Alex Litvin on Unsplash

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