The Impacts Teachers Left on Me

A timeline of the teachers that helped me throughout my academic years and inspired me to be a teacher.

2nd grade: I struggled with reading for while and was concerned with falling behind. I got extra help after school by our classroom tutor. It helped me gain confidence and excitement towards reading.

3rd grade: I was the new kid where I knew no one. On the first day in the morning before class started, I met my teacher and told her I was new. She quickly changed her seating chart to sit me next to a nice girl who the teacher knew would help me out. It was so kind of my teacher to take the time to change her plan to accommodate me and helped me get through my first day with less fears.

5th grade: I was struggling with math a lot at this time, and my teacher saw my struggles and wanted to help. I did weekend tutoring with my teacher, and he helped give me the understanding and confidence in math that I was lacking. He was always so kind. Once I was caught up on math, I still met with him to talk about life as he was a great listener and made me feel safe and heard. It was because of this teacher that I wanted to be a teacher.

6th grade: My teacher created a great sense of community in our class. Everyone felt heard, included, and appreciated. She took extra time to get to know each one of us and make sure we were learning to our best potential.

7th grade: This was when I started trying really hard as a student and enjoy doing so. I had a hard history teacher, and while in the moment it was a struggle being in his class, at the end I appreciated having him because he showed me how hard I could work and the potential I had.

11th grade: My English grade teacher had a great impact on my life. There was many things happening in my life at this time that was very difficult, and she was always there for me. Her classroom was open during lunch for students, and I sometimes would go there and just chat with her about everything, and she was really helpful. She inspired me of what kind of teacher I wanted to be.

My teachers taught me many things, but they also showed me through their kindness, support, great leadership, and patience what a great teacher is and who I aspire to be.


Forever grateful for these teachers, they were my biggest inspiration and helped me so much that I had to make sure I’d do the same ❤️ #teacher #fypシ

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I can’t wait to became a great teacher like the ones that I have had and help my students as my teachers helped me.

-Jenna Rappaport

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3 Replies to “The Impacts Teachers Left on Me”

  1. Jenna,
    What a charming testimony to all the teachers that helped you along. They not only supported you, but served as the model for the teacher you want to become.

    Quick story: A few years back a former student contacted me via social media. She had been in my high school class in the 1970s. She wanted to thank me for letting her be in charge of our bulletin boards. She said it gave her confidence in artistic skills. She is now a successful graphic artist in San Francisco. She said I helped her get “her start.”

    You will touch so many lives as a teacher. It’s a great career!

  2. Jenna! I love this timeline so much and I see a lot of my own experiences within it as well. I relate to the fact that the teachers that made me feel seen and heard are the ones I remember most and owe my confidence and teaching journey to. Super creative way of giving credit to those that have inspired you, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Jenna! First of all, I love the way that you physically displayed your timeline. This is so creative, it was easy to follow and engaging to read! Secondly, I love how you have so many special memories throughout your life as a student and you remember so many moments with your teachers. It is so special to have so many meaningful teachers and that’s what being a teacher is all about! Thank you for reminding me of the potential that teachers have to impact their students.

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