Remember Why You Are Here

A letter to my future teacher self.

Dear future me…

Did you do it? Are you a teacher? There is so much I want to know!

I’m sure even though we prepared, teaching is still way harder than expected.

The days are long, the students are crazy, and the to-do list never ends.

But don’t give up.

Remember why you are here.

Remember how exciting it was to play teacher in pretend school?

Remember who inspired you?

Remember the Pinterest board you made in middle school? And remember how much you have learned since?

Remember the impact you will have on students- and just as importantly, the impact they will have on you?

Remember the impacts books had on you and how you can share them with students?

And remember how long you’ve been waiting for this day?
Sure you were not able to be in the classroom as much during Covid, but at least you discovered teacher TikTok!

Know that you can do this and you have so many people rooting for you.

-Marlee Bennett

Journaling photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

2 Replies to “Remember Why You Are Here”

  1. Marlee, I love this letter to your future self! That TED Talk by Rita Pierson is one of my favorites and you found some great TikToks to accompany your letter. Your Pinterest board is also so thorough!

  2. Marlee,
    A great letter to your future self. Lots of laughs and wisdom blended in there. I especially like the first two gifs. They sort of encapsulate how teachers are stereotyped in the media – as fool or saint.

    In actuality – we are just people. But we are dedicated to helping others grow and become their best selves. Some days are better than others, and in the end we get to know we made a difference.

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