The Grotto – Saipan

My Thinglink features information, images, and videos of a famous tourist attraction/dive site on Saipan called “The Grotto”. Personally, I have been there over 5 times and it is an exhausting experience. For one thing, you have to hike down 100+ stairs! Another thing is that you have to walk on rocks to get to the jump-off rock and waves are literally going past you as you try to walk to it. There is a rope you can hold onto while swimming, but other than that, you either stay in the water swimming or find a rock to sit on. The hassle of climbing onto the jump-off rock sucks because you have to wait for the waves to pick you up. The struggle to walk up those 100+ stairs while you’re wet is killer too! I mean I love swimming at the Grotto, but it is a workout. I have never gone diving before, but I will someday and will most likely be the Grotto, so I can’t wait for that experience.

Thinglink and Google Tour Creator are great programs to create informational tours of places we have or haven’t seen! But I would use Thinglink in my classroom because it’s easier to navigate and is not so limited when it comes to adding pictures/videos. Basically, you can do so many things with Thinglink and relate it to so many different subjects.

3 Replies to “The Grotto – Saipan”

  1. I really like your how you used this app to share about this beautiful place! It looks like a great place to visit and see the beauty of it!

  2. This is a very cool way to present students with information about a topic. I especially like this because it is somewhere I have never been or seen.

  3. I love how you talked about a place you know so well and included personal experiences. This looks like such a beautiful place to visit.

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