The Battle Between Padlet and

I used both and Padlet to create different types of mind maps. I wanted to test the different features by keeping the lesson idea the same. I liked that on Padlet, it gives 8 different templates to start, which I thought would be great depending on what will be taught. I decided to use the shelf template that allowed me to stack all the information into different columns. The other templates seem like another easy way to display information, like the map and timeline template. I liked the ease and simplicity of this website.

For the Bubbl. us, the mind mapping tool seemed much more complex and allowed for more personalization by the user. This application is to replicate the traditional mind maps that teachers may already use in the classroom. The website allowed you to choose the different colors, sizes, and location for each text box, which is nice to organize your thoughts. The upgraded version gives other features that may be useful in the future, but the free version seemed to provide just enough to sample their website.

Personally, I found Padlet much easier to use and I liked how it gave me other options to display information for students. If anything, I think students would also be able to use this website with some guidance. I liked that you can still personalize your padlet without being overwhelmed. In addition, Padlet has an overall better aesthetic and looks much more modern than

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Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

2 Replies to “The Battle Between Padlet and”

  1. Kali – I really like how you used pictures as well as words in your Padlet for teaching nouns! I think that would help students to visually see what a noun is!

  2. Excellent comparative review. And you nailed it with the “looks” of both apps. looks like it’s from 15 years ago.

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