Technology Today

Ties communities together
Educates those with access
Communication across countries
Hours and hours scrolling away
Never can escape it now
Obsessing with how we're perceived
Laughing at our screens
Obsessed with needing the next
Gadgets and gizmos
Your tools to use

Authors Inspiration:

My inspiration for this poem is technology in the ways I have experienced and felt towards technology today. We have all these gadgets and gizmos that we use to communicate, educate, entertain, and do even more things with. We build an online persona that we hope others will like. We are presented with newer models and technology that we desire everyday. Technology is now a norm and we are never going to escape it so we must just learn how to use the tool.

Featured Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

2 Replies to “Technology Today”

  1. Hi, Marissa!
    I absolutely love the way you went about this prompt! I related and agreed with everything you wrote. I specifically wanted to point out how you brilliantly wrote, “Educates those with access.” I’m definitely seeing problems with equity throughout distance learning and teaching. It’s very unfortunate because the gap between those with and without access to technology is getting bigger by the day. I hope things can get better enough soon so we can all go back to teaching in-person and better support students that way. Great and insightful post! 🙂

    1. I agree with how Brie singled out the “equity / access” issue that your raise. Such a powerful divider in our country. And now with schools going remote we have rural kids who don’t have access and poor students who are sitting outside a McDonalds using Wifi to do school work.

      I also think your point “Obsessing with how we’re perceived” is a powerful one. We have a whole generation that thinks their future is based on being an “influencer” whatever that is. Plus all the cyber-bulling and feelings of FOMO that haunt us.

      Your poem showcases the downsides of the digital era.

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