Scent Back In Time

Our class POV:
Technology should improve our lives by making things easier for us.

My Proposed Device:
Some sort of scent-catalog

Why a Scent-Catalog?

Have you ever smelled something familiar,

Maybe it made you feel something
– happiness, nostalgia, sadness… –
despite not remembering exactly what it was.

Or maybe you’ve forgotten what something smelled like
– a family dish, friends who’ve moved away, a place you visited… –
and miss it.

For some, maybe you even lost your sense of smell
– anosmia from COVID, nerve damage, or something else… –
and would like to re-experience it.

Not everything smells great, but still.
Wouldn’t it be great to somehow be able to smell all of these lost scents again and figure out what they are?

How It Works

I’m imagining some sort of digital book with several wires connecting to our head. As we smell more things, more scents are recorded in it.

If we smelled something familiar and wanted to know what it was, we would just connect the wires to our head and the name of the smell would pop up on the digital book.

Even if we lost our sense of smell, by connecting the wires to our head and finding it in our digital book, it can somehow allow us to experience those recorded smells again.

How This Satisfies Our Class POV:
A common theme from our Class POV was that technology should improve our lives by making things easier for us.

By having a scent-catalog, we can more easily be “sent back in time” to reconnect with the things we miss. We can also re-live memories of people, places, and things that we might’ve forgotten about. This can be therapeutic and improve our lives.

Would you want to be “sent back in time”?

Featured Image by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash
Two People Hugging photo by adrianna geo on Unsplash
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One Reply to “Scent Back In Time”

  1. Hey Brie!

    I love the idea of this new piece of technology! It is so original. This would’ve been a great thing for to have during my time on campus at UP! I would’ve loved to smell cedar, the ocean, and other scents from home. I believe this could help many college students and others who struggle with being homesick.

    -Marissa Y

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