Similar Figures and Scale Factors

Target Group:

This lesson is designed for Geometry Students (9th-10th Grade) who are ideally at the beginning of a Unit on Similarity and Congruence between shapes, specifically triangles.


-Get yourself situated into a learning mindset and collect questions to ask from last nights homework

-Once we have addressed all relevant homework questions we will move on to independent review time before we attempt the quiz

-Click the link to attempt the quiz. Quiz expectations are that you are doing your own work and not consulting any outside sources. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!

Lesson Goals:

Students will be able to identify acronyms for Similarity Conjectures

Students will be able to justify with proper conjecture when given similar figures

Direct Link:

Click here for a direct link to our Google Forms Quiz

Image Credit:

“Similar-Looking Ridges on Mars Have Diverse Origins” by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centeris licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

3 Replies to “Similar Figures and Scale Factors”

  1. Well, i bombed the test. But I think your feedback would be most useful to students. A good example of using Google forms to check for understanding.

  2. Dom,
    It appears I do not remember as much geometry as I thought 🙁
    I did like having the feedback though. This would be a great self-assessment for students though. I liked the use of the image feature as part of the assessment .

  3. Clearly, I needed the review time that you mentioned in the instructions. Geometry was never my forte. I like the use of google forms for a quiz, as a teacher, it makes it easier to keep track of and grade all the quizzes. I would just make sure there’s a spot for them to write their names if you were going to actually use this, but I get that it’s not really needed for our purposes, plus you don’t need to see how terrible a bunch of college students are at basic math.

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