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For my website assignment, I wanted to focus on how I would want a class website to look like. I want it to be a place for students and parents to find all sorts of resources. Not only can students find some of their homework here, but they can rewatch videos used in lessons. Parents could find their kids art work for the past month displayed, a form to sign up for classroom opportunities, and much more.

I didn’t complete every single form I wanted to, but this would be something I would put a lot of work into coming into the school year so that it is very accessible to parents and students. So, there would be calendar sign ups for meetings and volunteer opportunities. This would also be the place to access the monthly newsletter than explains the units for the upcoming month as well as any class news so that parents are in the loop. However, this would only be the case if I was in a school situation where I know that kids have access to a computer at home.

For students, they would be able to complete homework, answer class polls, view lessons and past Power Points. Things like pre assessments, exit tickets, and quizzes would take place in the classroom, not at home.

It is also important to note that if I were to use pictures of students, the website would only be accessible to people with the exact link to ensure the safety of all the students.

Click here the image to visit the class page!

2 Replies to “My Class Website”

  1. Abbey,
    It is a great idea to use a google site like that, where students (and parents) can access previous material and general information. Sadly, I cannot view the site by clicking on the picture (I get an error message). Maybe an issue with privacy settings?

  2. Laura Bush … LOL.

    A well designed concept for a class site. It does a nice job of showcasing students and teacher. You integrate examples of how to use Google Forms to support student mastery with checks for understanding and tailored feedback.

    Overall a good demo of what you could do with an actual class.

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