Class 12: Final Class and Portfolio Intro

Featured image: Adobe Spark Post

When someone clicks on your author link, they will see all of your posts in reverse chronological order. This is a great portfolio to show prospective employers. (And you can bet that in these times, ed tech skills will be highly valued.) Here’s your chance to add one last post that will introduce your work to your viewer. 

You can “illustrate” this post with a few of your favorite posts using a WordPress embed. To embed one of your previous posts, just add a “WordPress Block” to your post and add the URL of the post you want to add.

Your embed will look something like this. It will have your featured image plus the beginning of your post. It will also be an active hyperlink to the post.

Sample WordPress embed

Create a final post to showcase your portfolio | Portfolio intro 21A-11

Be sure to give it a good title and featured image. You might want to think “big picture” here. This will introduce your work to the world.

Possible prompts:

  • Highlight / showcase a few of your posts that you are proud of. Maybe offer short explainer for each.
  • Showcase your progress – ” I started here – and now can do more complex work.”
  • Your approach to teaching / learning / tech
  • What you learned about how tech can support instruction.

  1. Complete course assessment at SmartEvals
  2. All blog posts completed – see list here. 
    (You should have completed 10 posts – plus this final intro post )
  3. TaskSteam – upload the URL of your final “portfolio showcase” post

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