Ms. Onishi’s Technological Advancements

I would say that I am at the average skill level when it comes to technology. I can figure out where the nearest gas station is on Google and I can type an essay using Microsoft Word. This semester has opened my eyes to a whole world of technological tools that I did not know existed and assist me so much in creating fun and effective lessons. The WordPress posts I have featured below are just a few posts that I am the most proud of, found the most useful, and will definitely be taking with me into my future teaching journey.

Book Creator

Books are a huge part in any classroom, discovering this online tool where not only I, but my future students as well, can write and publish our own stories. I am very proud of this lesson because I was able to take a concrete topic (in this case, the planets), and give it life to teach it in a far more fun and engaging way rather than the typical lecture and test. This lesson displays the way I would like to take content and turn it on its head to better interest my future students.


I had previous Jamboard experience from classes here at the University of Portland, but this lesson contains the first one I have ever made myself. Taking a blank slate and turning it into a learning tool is probably one of the most intimidating things ever, yet I was able to do it. I loved how this Jamboard turned out as I was able to use it as both a testing tool, as well as an answer key. This lesson allows students to do some independent work and self-correct if they need to.

Google Maps

The technology we learned about this semester was very good for creating lessons for students, but I wanted to figure out how to use some of them to build community in and out of the class. I was glad to be able to create this hypothetical scenario of bringing students on a field trip and sharing this map with parents so that they are informed of everything that is going on and when. Technology can be a huge help in building community, especially in this day and age where everyone is so busy with their crazy schedules and a quick email with information is all that we can do.

Video (YouTube)

This lesson was a bit more simple, I recorded myself reading a book. Yup, that’s it! I included this lesson because I think it is so important to understand that using technology does not have to be complicated and flashy, and that tools can be simple and still have the same effect on student learning. A simple video like this can save teachers the time and effort during class, other teachers at different schools or even different states, but can also be available to parents and families after class, all over the world.

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