Tick-Tock Goes the Clock!

Picture by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay

Context: Timeline

Grade: 2nd Grade

Instructions: Hello 2nd graders! Today, we will continue practicing how to tell time with Jamboard. First, you will be matching each clock to its written time. After you do that, use the timeline to organize the times into the correct order (earliest time to latest time). When you are done, you can take look at the second slide of the Jamboard to double check your answers. No peeking!

Goal: Students will display understanding of how to read a clock, what a clocks time looks like in a written/digital form, and in what order the times are displayed (earliest to latest). The Jamboard will allow students to easily move the clocks and times around the timeline/screen so they may arrange them in whatever way makes the most sense to them.

Link to Jamboard

Great job today 2nd graders!!

4 Replies to “Tick-Tock Goes the Clock!”

  1. Hi Mykaela! What a fun activity! Telling time is a great skill to teach students and even though we are increasingly relying on digital clocks on our phones and computers, I still think students should learn about this. I like the set-up of your Jamboard and your instructions are very clear!

  2. Mykaela, A clever use for Jamboard. Gives the littles a chance to practice their clock reading skills. The Jamboard provides a neat little manipulative for them to match times in two different formats. A tidy Jamboard lesson!

    You could then follow up with a new set and this time do not put the clock faces in chronological order. That would give the students the chance to do that after aligning two formats.

  3. Mykaela, I loved your creativity with Jamboard! Great way to use it to show visuals in an engaging task to learn an important life skill. I also loved your post-in on the Jamboard “you’ve got this!” to cheer on your students.

  4. HI Mykaela! What the heck! This lesson is so so cute! I think my favorite thing about it and the one thing I had to make sure to mention was the cute little penguin at the end. I think we get so wrapped up in making sure we get the information onto paper and ready to teach our students that we forget to make it entertaining for them and enjoyable.

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