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“Persuasive Brainstorming” is a lesson using Jamboard directed towards upper-elementary students, for example, 3rd-5th grade. Outside of grade level, this Jamboard could be of great use to teaching your students different types of writing. In this case, we could introduce or develop students’ abilities to draft and create a persuasive paper. The process would include asking students to log into Google Jamboard and access the shared file called “Brainstorming Persuasive Essays.” From there, students will be able to add their ideas to their specific Jamboard slide.


Teacher: Okay students! Today we are going to start BRAINSTORMING for our persuasive papers! Can someone remind us what it means to be persuasive in our writing? Raise your hands to give me the answer.

Student: It means we are trying to convince someone that our point is correct.

Teacher: Correct! We are wanting to convince someone with a different opinion why our idea is better. What are some strategies we can use to strengthen our argument?

Student: Providing evidence!

Teacher: Yes, great answer! Now before we start writing let me explain BRAINSTORMING. BRAINSTORMING is when you all start to think of ideas that you want to persuade someone else to agree with you on. So here is an example of today’s Jamboard Brainstorming activity. First, you will log in, then once on the Jamboard look for your name, and finally, start writing down ideas. Here is mine:

Teacher: Now, it is your turn!


  1. It gets students to be creative and learn how to use collaborative technological tools.
  2. The lesson overall can help students work and better their writing ability.
  3. It pushes students to find evidence when backing up their opinion.

Final Product:


Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash

4 Replies to “Persuasive Brainstorming”

  1. Georgina, I really love your Jamboard! This makes brainstorming for papers way more fun than the original pen and paper, venn diagram, bullet point list, etc… Such a fun way to do something so common! I would have loved to brainstorm like this when I was in grade school. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Georgina! I really like your Jamboard! Much like Mykaela said, I love how you created something fun for a process, like brainstorming. This way, students will have the opportunity to write down all their thoughts in a fun space, rather than completing a mind-map or something that might be much more time consuming. Awesome job!

  3. Georgina, I agree with comments made by Mykaela and Elizabeth.

    Jamboard works great for brainstorming. Students can first generate individual points on notes cards. (that’s the brainstorm part)

    Then they can go back and use higher order thinking to evaluate the best points and and begin to put them into some framework. Which will support their creation of a persuasive paper.

    Great idea for Jamboard

  4. Hey Georgina! Your post is really cute! I loved the ideas your ‘students’ came up with haha. I think this is a fun way to get your kids brainstorming while also taking ownership of their ideas in front of their peers, as opposed to when students just write their ideas in their notebooks without ever sharing them with the class.

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