Phonics Frenzy

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

Context of the Activity: Graphic Organizer

Target Student Group: 1st grade, literacy

Instructions for students: Hi class! Today we are going to do some Jamboard word sorts with the sounds we’ve been learning. For the first sort, look at the picture and place it in the appropriate column. For example, if it is a picture of a dog, put the photo in the -og category. For the second sort, categorize the words with the long o sound into the -oi or -oy columns based on their spelling. For the final sort, look at the pictures and place them in the appropriate columns based on their spelling.

Goal for the Lesson: To help students practice phonics. It will help them connect the sounds in common words they know to the spelling of those words. The Jamboard helps meet this goal because students can move around the pictures and stickies to categorize them appropriately and practice their phonics knowledge.


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  1. Hailey, I love this lesson! Your Jamboard is set up perfectly and also really like how you did not use JUST pictures to sort or JUST words to sort, I think this would really help students to not get bored of doing the same type of sort over and over again. Overall, this is an awesome Jamboard idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Hailey! I really love this lesson that you created! In my student teaching class, we often do phonics word sorts with cutting and gluing the words, much like this; however, I love how you brought that same concept and created a Jamboard with it! So creative and it would be fun to use the pictures (like you did) instead of just sorting the words! So creative and something I definitely want to try!

  3. Hailey, great idea to leverage the traditional “physical paper sort” into a dynamic digital version. Jamboard works great for that! I especially like the blend of images and text to help students sound out from both “formats.”

    I’m not sure if you did this on your Jamboard, but I would suggest you create the image / text as unified items on the Jamboard. That would keep the image and text together in only one manipulative to move. That would mean you’d have to create a small image with text label – then upload that to Jamboard. Much less messy that way.

  4. Hailey, I am glad to see our phonics practice in action! Great job with your sound and picture sort! I saw similar things done in a kindergarten virtual class and the kids liked it a lot more than a regular old worksheet I liked that you included labels for the pictures. Not only does this make it clear what the picture is representing (‘jog’ instead of ‘run’) but it also helps with concepts of print as students can see the sounds associated with the letters/word. Great job!

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