Letter to My Future Self

Monday, September 1, 2033

Dear Future Self,

Wow! A lot has changed in the past 15 years surrounding technology in education. I am writing this letter during my morning prep period on  Monday, September 1, 2033. The school day begins and ends with technology. I started my day commuting to school in my self-driving car, which has now become mainstream. Students commute to school through hover-boards, self-driving cars, and even self-driving school buses! Today begins with show-and-tell. Students spend time gathered together on the rug, sharing about their pet robots. Each student’s pet robot has a special talent. Carly’s pet robot can juggle! Amy’s pet robot can clean the house! Robert’s pet robot can fly!

In the middle of the day, students use their iPads to brainstorm for an opinion piece: How much technology should be used in the classroom, and why?

During the end of the day, students leave the classroom. But not before having their pet robots record their homework assignments and due dates.


Madison Hughes

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