Notes from the future

March 7, 2033

It seems like only yesterday I was training to be a teacher in EdTech Methods class. Fifteen years have gone by and my teaching career is going great. You won’t believe how some things in education changed and others stayed the same.

For starters, all the students now have hologram devices. I remember when schools were just starting to hand out chrome books and iPads to their students and now every kid in America has one and it does so much more than the ones they had way back when like virtual teaching where they can all have their own little 3D teacher right in front of them to help them during class. They also have a virtual reality room where we can take our students on field trips around the world to help enhance their learning and help them see places that do not exist anymore like ancient Egypt or China. One of my favorite things that have changed over the years is the layout of the school and the spaces that we can use. There are outdoor learning environments that are great to use for science, a lecture stairwell for large group discussions with a projector and just the open spaces that we have throughout the school that make it feel more inclusive.

However, coming from a time when technology was just starting to make its way into the schools, I still hold onto some things that I find to be important from when I was going through school. For example, I still have my students use pencil and paper when first constructing their writing assignments, there are physical books that they read from and direct instruction from the teacher. While it is easy to turn these things over to technology because it is easier and it could save resources. I think that these are dying art forms that shouldn’t be lost just because then the next generations will begin to lose things from the past and not be able to connect with the history that has brought them the technology that they use today.

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