La cuisine française

This form will be used as a formative quiz with my seventh grade class during our food unit “La nourriture”. This primarily has students focusing on elements of French cuisine and dining norms that may be unfamiliar or different to the US. These are all concepts and vocabulary students have seen before, but the form is a way for students to review what they have retained.

Instructions: this is a 10-question quiz about some of the aspects of French food culture we have discussed throughout our unit, such as ingredients in common French dishes, recognizing categories of food, and multi-meaning vocabulary. This quiz is not designed to be about the grade, but about reviewing your knowledge and learning more about French cuisine. After submitting the form, you will have the option to see your score: click here! Each question will be accompanied by the correct answer and feedback on your response to clarify. Many questions are also joined by a link to more information if you missed the question. Check these out and make sure you understand the concepts behind the terminology.
(*Hint: some questions have more than one correct response!*)

Featured image: French pastry case by Rachel Booth.

4 Replies to “La cuisine française”

  1. Since I don’t know French, I bombed out and only got 2/10. But it did give me access to your feedback. And that was excellent. Very well written. Supportive with explanations and links to learn more. Overall a good example of how to use Google Form to create a self-grading test.

  2. Rachel,
    This was a fun quiz! I am a little sad to say I only got 7/10…but I learned some new information (especially about bacon). I loved your feedback sections. Those were really well done.
    One thing on the post: maybe try inserting a hyperlink instead of having the URL available to copy? Just a thought.
    It also might be cool to have pictures next to your list of ingredients, though that might detract from the “test” aspect. Fantastique!

  3. Hi Rachel this is a great form that you are using so students are able to review what they have learned and this would really allow you to see what they need more work on. I definitely agree with Emma maybe adding pictures would be a nice addition

  4. Hi Rachel! This is awesome! I love how you used the Google Forms platform for student review! It makes it seems a lot less stressful and intimiaditng! I also like how your questions change from French-English and also English-French!

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