If We Had a Million Dollars

This is a third grade math lesson that surrounds budgeting and using money. The lesson will be after students are introduced to the basics of money in the real world. Students will be asked to look at the MyMap created of field trips that would be fun to take if we (as a class) had a million dollars. Students will pair up, pick one location, and are given a budget that they must follow when planning a field trip to that destination. Students will have to consider plane tickets, where we will stay, tickets to the location, food, transportation, exc. This requires at least one device per group so they can research their destination and the cost of the list above.


The goal should be used to let student investigate where the destinations are located as well information that can also be found on the website. Students should have time to finish this project, and they will present their findings to the class.

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  1. Haley,
    I admire the scale of your field trip. A million dollar budget covers a lot of costs. So lots of math and budgeting required. The map makes a nice anchor point for the exercise.
    … “seatbelts!”

  2. Hi Haley, this sounds like such a fun project to run with students! I love the personal link between the lesson and the students — it’s about which field trip they’d want to go on and they’d get to *hypothetically* plan it. A million dollars is quite a lot, but considering how many students/chaperones/teachers would be involved, I think that’s a good estimate

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