For the Love of…

An Overview

This work covers a lot of the amazing loves I have adopted over the years, both of the animate and inanimate kinds. Sadly, not every item that brings me joy can be covered here. So, I have limited it to the following topics:

  • Jokes
  • Music
  • Animals
  • Travel
  • Books
  • Television
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Family

… Jokes

I cannot help but laugh at jokes, especially nerdy ones. I have begun to collect chemistry-related jokes. Here is one: I don’t trust atoms. They make up everything!

I know. That was fantastic right? It might have already brightened you day. Maybe not. Chemistry humor is not for everyone.

I also include parodies in this section. This one might be my favorite. Yours too, especially if you like Star Wars.

… Music

Sometimes the right song speaks to your soul and you feel so positive, maybe even happy. Maybe it is the words themselves or the simple cadence of the notes. One of my go-to uplifting songs is Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. Here is the video:

Another good one is from the musical Wicked. Click below for your viewing pleasure. You may even recognize the singers from their more recent works.

Don’t you just feel inspired after that? I do. Maybe I can go wash that pile of laundry or do one of my assignments now.

… Animals

I have lived with pets all of my life and could not imagine their absence. With their adorable faces and beautiful personalities, what is not to love?

I cannot help but smile at these adorable puppies as they explore the outdoors. My family just recently adopted a new puppy, a red heeler now named Raiya. She is the cutest. She makes these little yips when she wants to play with Mae, one of our other dogs. She loves to snuggle too. Even our senior pup, Shamrock, wants to be pals with the new addition. In addition to these three cuties, I also have 4 miniature rabbits. Their names are Vader, Ice, Ash, and Mouse. Each has his/her own personality. I love cuddling with Mouse. She will sit with me for hours while I watch a movie.

… Travel

New places and their cultures have always excited me. My favorite part about a long-distance trip is when the tires come up and the plane leaves the run-way. It means I am going somewhere new, somewhere different, with so much to see. I love discovering parts of places that I will miss and want to bring home. Often, it is food-related. When my family went to Amsterdam, we discovered poffertjes, a small pancake-like food. They dust them with butter and powdered sugar. Boy, are they tasty! We now have the special pans required to make them along with the mix used to make them. I have also picked up a love of honey from the Russian market, tredelnik, baklava, and couscous, just to name a few.

… Books

Now, sometimes, the funds to physically travel other places is rather… lacking. With novels, however, you can travel to another world in a second for a fraction of the cost! In all honesty, I haven’t always loved reading. When I was in grade school, it took a miracle to get me to read. All that changed, however, with the promise of a puppy. My parents made me a deal where if I read 3,000 pages, I could get my very own puppy. And so I did. That puppy is now 15 years old and her name is Shammy. During those 3,000 pages I discovered a few books that I actually enjoyed. One was the Prophecy of the Stones, though I forgot the author. Now, I am a bookworm and I dream of having a library like that in beauty and the beast.

… Television

Sometimes, it can be hard to picture the story of a novel as it unfolds. It is also difficult to share the experience of living in the author’s creation. TV can now address these problems. With minimal effort on your part, you can be transported into another dimension. You can watch superheroes as they defeat injustice. Or feel the pressure of an ER doctor. You grow attached to characters or cement your disgust of others. All of this happens through the use of a screen. One of my favorite shows is Criminal Minds. It has beautiful gems like the following:

… Arts & Crafts

This is a rather broad topic, I know. It covers everything from wood working to painting to sewing. To me, though, it is always fun to get a little messy. In high school, I took an art class and discovered the joy (and also the frustration) behind both oil and acrylic painting, and drawing. My mom introduced me to acrylic pouring and it is so much fun!! I have included a short video for an idea of what it is like, though there is so much you can do with it. Other projects on the docket include: painting on (birch) bark, creating and painting ceramics, and even beading.

… Family

My family is my core. I cannot imagine life without a single member, though 2020 had me contemplating that quite often. They are always there for me. I love my dad’s ability to charm and host. I admire my mother’s firmness in her beliefs, even when it costs her popularity. My brother is always there when I need help. I take for granted the bond I have with them. Being around them makes me smile. At least, most of the time it does. I do have my limits for social interaction. 🙂

In these times, I hope you can find something that bring you joy, if you haven’t already. Sometimes, it is too small to see. Sometimes, it is too big to miss and has been staring you in the face the whole time.

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