Ms. Rowley’s Motivations

Teaching virtually isn’t what I had expected my student teaching year to look like, nor did I think I would ever have to live through a pandemic. Although there are many challenges that this year has brought, there are also many motivating things that have helped shape this year to be a year full of growth and new understandings. Here’s to the things that help us remember that teaching isn’t all about zoom! This post includes quotes, Youtube videos, Instagram posts and more that all give me a glimmer of hope or a laugh when I need it!

Rita Pierson tells us about the impact that teacher can have on their students.

Daring is saying “I know I will eventually fail and I am all in”

Brené Brown
These are the jams I play as my students get settled into class!
Sometimes we have to enjoy a good laugh!
@Livefromsnacktime gives us a look into some of the fabulous and hilarious thoughts our students have!
Although getting students to engage on Zoom can definitely a struggle, I have become accustomed to laughing at my own jokes to fill the silence!

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2 Replies to “Ms. Rowley’s Motivations”

  1. Marissa-
    Thank you for the inspiration and the motivation! This post made me smile. I loved Rita Pierson’s TED talk as well as the one on what makes a good teacher great. They made me reflect on how my past teachers have impacted me and why. It is crazy how much of a difference (-)18 vs. +2 can make! I have always admired the profession of teaching. Y’all do NOT get enough praise and credit!!

  2. This was so fun! I love the playlist, those seem like great songs to play while students work. You picked an awesome TED to start off with that is a must-see for a student as well as all teachers. I really liked the other one as well, which I hadn’t seen previously, so thank you for sharing!

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