Flower Anatomy Review

Co-Authors: Ysabelle Saguin and Caroline Halvorson

In today’s class, we learned how to create a video for a class based on a lesson and we decided to use this as an opportunity to create a review for a lesson. In this video, we went over the various anatomy parts of a flower that our students could view at home to review and study. Creating videos for students is a great tool to be utilized in a classroom as it allows teachers to give tutorials to students, teach lessons, tell stories, and can also be used by students for projects. We can see ourselves using video in our classrooms often and plan on educating our students on proper etiquette and utility.

2 Replies to “Flower Anatomy Review”

  1. Hi Ysabelle & Caroline!
    Nice presentation on the anatomy of the flower! I agree that screencasting can be very useful to teach different lessons in the classroom, be used as a way to present a project and so much more! It is a great resource for reteaching and for homework help. Great job!

  2. Glad to see you tried a “papercast.” Thought the illustration and voice over was very informative. But we need to build a “sound-proof” booth.

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