Exploring the Solar System

For 3rd Grade

Today we are going to explore the solar system!

First, have your students look at this google site to learn about each planet in our solar system. (I only mentioned a little about each planet because of our activity – this is just a warm up/refresher of each planet to help students choose which planet they want for activity).

Next, have students read this book I made about the planet Jupiter.

The students are going to create their own book now! Students can choose any planet mentioned on the google site. The students should do 8-10 pages, including pictures and words. It should be written in 1st person as the planet, as seen in my Jupiter book.

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  1. Jenna, a great idea for using two apps to support the lesson. The Google site is a great way to showcase each planet and offer students an ordered way to view and compare. Then you follow up with a model book that should inspire them to create their own. Especially when planets get speak in the first person and toss lines like : “You have one moon – that’s cute.” A good example of paired apps that meet your instructional objective.

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