Acrostic Poetry

Student group: 2nd grade – writing

Goal: Students will use multiple pieces of technology to enhance their writing, specifically in acrostic poetry.


  1. As a warm up for the lesson, students will be instructed to go to the class Jamboard and add an adjective (or a few).
  2. After warm-up, students will write their own acrostic poems (on paper) with a topic of their choice (can be a place, animal, person, etc. as long as it has been run by the teacher first to ensure it is school appropriate)
  3. When students are done, they will be added to a collaborative book on Book Creator, where they will look for the page with their name on it. Students will copy their acrostic poems down on their designated page and can decorate/add pictures as they would like (This book will be shared with parents/guardians if they would like to read their students work).


The student-made Jamboard will help students to warm up their writing ideas and acts as a piece of assistance for students to refer to when they are feeling stuck and need help thinking of ideas. This Jamboard will be available to parents if their child would like to continue to write poetry (or any piece of writing) at home. The Book Creator classroom book acts as a place for the entire classroom to put their poetry and can make students feel proud of their writing as it feels very official to have writing in an actual book. The book also allows parents to read their students poetry at home, understand what their child does in class, and be a part of the classroom community.


Book Creator:

One Reply to “Acrostic Poetry”

  1. Mykaela, you make good use of both Jamboard and Book Creator to support your goals. Jamboard’s ease of use allows students to warm up and get thinking about the task. Also offers them ideas if they get stuck. In contrast Book Creator offers an “more polished” way to showcase their finished products.

    You are wise to build in options for parents to view. Always good to showcase student work and give parents an opportunity to interact with learning and offer assistance. Or as you observe: “be a part of the classroom community.”

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