Foods from Around the World!

Goal: Provide a lesson to students to learn more about the geography of the world and how different concepts, like cultural food, connects to their daily lives.

Tool: Students will be using Google Jamboard as a place to form ideas and showcase their research done on cultural foods that come from ancestral countries. After working on Google Jamboard to brainstorm some ideas, students can then use books and online resources to do research of their country of choice and the food they choose to present to the class. The presentation/assessment type will be shown through a Book Creator book.

Grade: Fifth Grade

Subject: Social Studies


  1. FOR TEACHERS: It is important to follow the family tree unit with this unit of foods from around the world.
  2. Students will first be asked to begin the lesson with five-minute independent writing where they can talk a little bit about what they discovered about their family history.
  3. Students will then be asked to brainstorm, using Google Jamboard, cultural foods based on one of their home countries.
  4. Following the Jamboard, students will then use Book Creator to share facts about cutlural foods from their countries of hertiage.

Google Jamboard:

Book Creator:


Photo by Fernañdo Prado on Unsplash

One Reply to “Foods from Around the World!”

  1. Georgina, what a great idea for students to draw connection between food and culture. I like that you invite students to work on a country / food of their choice. (Not everyone has a readily identifiable country in their family experience. Good idea of the brainstorm to get the process started. Fun to read about Swedish meatballs. Its a well-designed book that attractively shares its content and models what students could create.

    Ironic that they are inspired by 18th C Turkish Kofta when Sweden again has a new immigrant Turkish population. As a Greek, I have wonder if the Turkish Kofta was borrowed from Greek Keftedes (or maybe the reverse). It’s fascinating to see how food and culture travels around the world.

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