Exploring National Parks

Grade: 3rd

As a class, read National Parks of the USA together. This books explores all the National Parks in the United States with information about the animals, plants, and history of each park.

After reading the book, students will pick a park (pins on GoogleEarth) to find more information about.

They will research the animal’s habitats at each park and their interrelationship with nature. (I chose 32 National Parks, about the size of a classroom so every student does 1)

Research topics: Animals that live there, their habitat, their diet, their characteristics, threats challenges they face, adaptations they have made to that habitat, etc.

Google Earth

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3 Replies to “Exploring National Parks”

  1. Jenna, great idea for Google Earth demo lesson. Excellent ideas for follow up topics for students to research. G Earth is so filled with “built in” information for students to work with.

  2. Jenna, I liked how you paired a text with an exploration of outdoor parks and animal habitats. This seems like such a fun lesson! Great job!

  3. Hi Jenna! I love this usage of Google Earth. I think that it was smarter to choose this software than MyMaps because students can zoom in to observe different things about the landscape that they wouldn’t be able to see on a map. This sounds like such a fun project.

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