Ed Tech Review

Reflecting on the semester of Edtech class, I have realized how much knowledge I am leaving with. I had no idea what to expect when the semester began and am fully confident that I know multiple technology tools now to help me as a future teacher in the classroom. I would not say I am a super techy person, but once I take the time to learn things, I can catch on pretty quickly. Throughout every lesson we learned a new tool that could be used in the classroom. These tools are all user friendly for teachers and students to use, which I love. I have been given a new perspective on technology. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I would use/allow much technology in my classroom just to keep things simple, but with the tools we have learned about as well as students learning in different ways I am in full confidence that I will be using most of what we learned in my classroom one day. It is all about adapting to the learners. Some of my favorites that we learned about were My Maps, Edpuzzle, and Padlet. All three of these were super hands on for both teachers and students. I think whenever and wherever a student can be hands on in the classroom is so important. It keeps them engaged, lets them have fun, and they learn while doing it.

I also learned a few things about myself as a learner too. I learned that I about how much fun teaching can be. All these tech tools take a lot of creativity and flexibility and these were both aspects of myself I needed to work on. Using the Apps we learned about caused me to challenge myself as a more hands on student and future teacher. I definitely think I have or am becoming a “tech-savy” teacher due to this course, and will be implementing a lot of what I learned in my own teaching one day.


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