Ed Tech Method Review

Reflections on EdTech Course

• How did it go?
As someone who struggles with technology, I knew that Edtech Methods would be a good course for me to take to enhance my rudimentary knowledge of technology. My main goal for the class was pretty simple: to become more comfortable with a wide range of technological apps, and to increase my knowledge of technology overall. Over the course of one semester, I have increased in confidence and interest in technology.

• What did you learn about Edtech?
During the class, I experimented with padlet, sway, screencast, loom, adobe spark, and many more apps. My favorite app that I learned about was padlet. Since I am already an avid user of Pinterest, I was able to quickly incorporate my knowledge of pinterest to use for designing my padlet.
• What did you learn about yourself as a learner?
I learned that stretching myself to learn different things is important in order to become more confident. I learned that although technology is a difficult subject for me, it is good for me to learn new things in order to grow as a person.

• Are you on your way to becoming a “tech-savvy” teacher?
I am definitely on my way to becoming a “tech-savvy” teacher! Although I might not incorporate all the apps I learned about in this course to use in my personal classroom, I know I now have a good baseline knowledge that I can use. In particular, I can see myself using padlet in a classroom, both to store my own lesson plan ideas, and allow students to collaborate and share their own ideas.

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