Comparing Apps

For this assignment I compared the apps Padlet and by creating a timeline and web to give an introduction to the five W’s. Using Padlet i chose the the timeline feature to show which ones come first, second, etc. I think this app was very easy to use overall. I liked how the timeline was right there and you could just type in what you needed to say. Everything in this app was very user friendly! The other app I used was overall I liked this app as well and was relatively easy to use. I liked how when using the web there was different formats to use. It was a bit harder to navigate the text but still was not too bad. I like how the web has different colors and texts to use to personalize it a bit more. It was easy to share the embed code which was nice! Both of these apps proved to be useful and easy to use, i can see myself using both in the future.

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  1. Nice post. Well designed comparison using the “same content” in two different apps. Your comparison clearly states you criteria and illustrates your preference.

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