Bubbles vs Post-Its

By Claire Nelson and Anna Wanner

We compared Padlet and Bubbl.us as tools for mind-mapping. In general, Padlet is very user friendly. Padlet has a variety of templates to start your mind map from, in addition to a blank page, so you can organize your thoughts in your own creative way. Padlet has a collaborative feature where you can add people and they can leave comments and their own post it notes on the Padlet. This could be beneficial for distance learning. Bubbl.us is also user friendly and provides a collaborative feature (however, you have to pay for this feature). It is easy to create and add to your mind map and has keyboard shortcuts and the option to undo/redo.

We prefer Bubbl.us because we feel that it is easier to stay organized in a less cluttered fashion. The free version of Bubbl.us allows you to sort your mind maps into different folders after they have been created. Padlet also has this feature but you have to pay for it. As you add more content, Padlet grows in length; whereas with Bubbl.us, you can add content in multiple directions. This is a personal preference because both us like to organize our thoughts in a non-vertical way. Bubbl.us could be provided to students as a note-taking tool, specifically in history classes where it can often be hard to see how all the events connect. Bubbl.us allows you to connect any two bubbles together which would be helpful in seeing the complex connections of historical events.

Featured Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay

2 Replies to “Bubbles vs Post-Its”

  1. Thoughtful review that includes both pros and cons. Some good reasoning for your final preference. Also like the content you produced.

  2. We talked about the same apps! Our creations are very different but I really love what your creations are. I also agree that dogs just might be better than cats….

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