A Trip Around the World

Context: Graphic Organizer

Grade Level: Third

Subject: Social Studies

Hi friends! Today we’re going to get started on our learning around the world project. Over the last couple of days we’ve been talking about the different concepts that a make a place special. Some of the things we had come up with were 1) the place’s history; 2) natural resources/sites; 3) goods and services; 4) symbols (festivals, beliefs); 5) cities and; 6) people.

If you open up your computer and go onto our google classroom page, you will see a new assignment that will be completed on google drawings. for this assignment, you can choose to work alone or with a partner and you will then fill out the google drawing template based on the research you do. Remember that this is the first step and we will be using these to guide our papers and presentations.

In the center block, you will put the name of the place that you plan on researching on. It cannot be a continent or a whole country – choose a state, province, county, etc.. In the colored boxes around the google drawing, you will insert a picture with a caption that relates to that category for your chosen location.

I started on one to show you all as an example. I did Hawai’i and I only included one picture for each category but you will fill out all three boxes for each category. You will also see that underneath each picture, I included a small one or two word caption that reminds me what the picture is of.

Goals for students:

  1. Understand different concepts that make a place unique
  2. Differentiate important ideas and facts from one another.
  3. Be able to use google drawings in a productive and organized way to keep track of thinking

4 Replies to “A Trip Around the World”

  1. Chloe, I love your idea! It’s a fun activity for students to learn more about places. I like you showed a good example of how to do it to help guide the students.

  2. Chloe, an excellent idea for Google drawings. Clear instructions to students along with a nicely modeled response. A great selection of categories. (I especially like symbols – a chance for some creative abstract thinking.)

    A first rate idea and execution. As you said provides an “organized way to keep track of thinking” that model note taking and outlining. Well done

  3. Hi Chloe!
    I loved this activity you did! I think that students who use this graphic organizer will definitely be able to organize all of their ideas along with categorizing their ideas. When they need to do a presentation or paper they will be able to let their ideas flow nicely because of this great graphic organizer. Great Job!

  4. Chloe, this is so fun! What an engaging way to get students excited about research, not to mention such a cool, visual way to represent their learning. This could be really fun paired with class presentations, giving students a great slide to use when speaking to the class.

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