Perimeter Practice

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

Context: Post-test (check for understanding) Grade: 4th grade math Goal: Use google drawings to gauge where students are in understanding the concept of perimeter and how to find it.

Hello 4th graders! Today we learned how to find the perimeter of a shape (the total sum of all the sides of a shape). Before we move on, we are going to have a mini practice quiz, don’t worry, this will not be graded, I just want to make sure that everyone understands before we move on.

With this link, you may use the text box that says “perimeter,” to write down what you think is the correct answer.

You got this everyone!

3 Replies to “Perimeter Practice”

  1. Mykaela, a clever use for Drawings. Gives students a chance to explore perimeter in a variety of shapes. I see that on the square and lower right triangle not every side is labeled. Not sure if an omission or if you expect students to calculate the “missing sides.”

  2. Mykaela, I like the idea of using Google Drawings for a test check-in! I also like your disclaimer about the test’s use so students experience less testing anxiety. I like that the shapes are different colors, I think it adds visual interest that would be hard on a black and white paper handout. Great job!

  3. Mykaela, I thought this lesson was so cute! I love how you used google drawings to give the problems and have students solve it. I also love that you always add a gif! Awesome job

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