A ‘Toontastic’ Retell of Goldilocks

For this assignment, I used the video/animation app, Toontastic. I had such a fun time using their premade sets, characters and layout. I really enjoyed how easy this app was to use. I used this app to do a read aloud of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It was pretty easy to use this app and I made use of the voiceover to tell the story. Although my retell is not all that great, I definitely can see myself using this in the future. I can incorporate lessons, stories, and other video ideas using Toontastic.

2 Replies to “A ‘Toontastic’ Retell of Goldilocks”

  1. Super clever use of existing background and characters to create a Goldilocks make over where the bears become monkeys. Glad you used Toontastic!

  2. Hi Madi!
    It is always nice to see different retells of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! Way to improvise on the pre-made settings and characters on toontastic. It is definitely a great tool for students to use when retelling stories. Great job!

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