Sway “Where I’m From” Presentation

Sway is a Microsoft tool to create presentations, blogs, newsletters, and many other project ideas. Sway could also be used by teachers to outline their unit plans and organise all of their assessment materials etc. to share with other teachers.

This embedded sway presentation I created is about where I grew up. This would be great to use to share about myself with my students in the future. Sharing about your home is apart of sharing your culture. Having all students share about their home through a platform like sway would be a culturally relevant teaching/learning activity. Additionally, as students learn about others in their class they slowly move from pre operational to concrete operational where students are able to understand they are not the centre of the world.

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  1. Lots of fun to see this side of Hillsboro. I was hoping to see you take a bow at the end of Mr Glencoe. I congratulate you for finding at least a few guys who could master each dance move.

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