Maui, HI

Have you ever wanted to visit Maui, but never had the chance? Never fear, this Sway will do the trick…

This is a more simple version of a trip to Maui, one in which I mainly talk about my hometown of Wailuku. Growing up in a small community has helped me made meaningful connections with the people and the environment around me. Living in such a beautiful, unique place has really opened my eyes to how lucky I am.

My Maui Sway will give you a super brief history about Wailuku, some favorite traditional and local Hawaiian foods (duh, because that’s the best part), and also some fun photos of family, friends, and fabulous destinations found throughout the island.

2 Replies to “Maui, HI”

  1. Hi Hannah!
    This is the cutest thing ever! I really enjoyed learning more about you through this Sway and seeing really cute photos of you and your family! I liked how you added information about the history of Wailuku and Hawai’i. The layout was very organized and I specifically liked how you stacked the pictures. Great job!

  2. Great storytelling with Sway. Fun to see your family and friends – is that your mom holding you as toddler? Awe….
    Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the Gif thing? Seriously, they are fun.

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