World Traveling Through Family History

Grade: 5th

Subject: Social Studies

Goal: Students will work to learn the geography of different countries their family is from, this will teach them the importance of history and how it connects to geography.


  1. Have students create their family tree for homework alongside their parents. Ask questions about ancestors and countries they have emigrated from.
  2. In class students will use Google Earth to highlight some of the birthplaces and hertiage sites for their family history.
  3. Class will then end with students presenting their own Google Earth to the class and interesting information they learned about their family and geopgraphic locations and the importance of those places for human populations.


Photo by NASA on Unsplash

3 Replies to “World Traveling Through Family History”

  1. Georgina, Glad you tried G Earth for demo map. It certainly would make for a great lesson idea.

    Two suggestion: first you should set the default view on the map so it includes all your pins. Also you might want to contextualize your example. I’m guessing that’s where your family comes from. But might want to add that with some family context.

  2. Hi Georgina! What a fun lesson! I’m glad you were able to try out Google Earth and make it into a project where students explore their family histories. I especially liked looking through the photo galleries when you clicked on one of the map locations.

  3. Georgina! I love this idea! I personally loved looking into my family history for projects and I think this would be really cool for students to dig deep into their history and even see if they have similar countries of origin with their other classmates. Thanks for sharing!

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