Who Would’ve Known

Who would’ve known… technology would be my blessing in disguise. When thinking about technology, it is easy to jump to the negatives: the astigmatism it’s causing to our eyes, our shopping addiction, an unhealthy addiction to Tik Tok trends and brown fashion trends. BUT thinking further, there is one thing that technology helped me with: Developing my self awareness and self love.

Image by Robert Kubíček from Pixabay

In the start of quarantine when Tiger King and whipped coffee was all the craze, we all had no choice but to keep ourselves occupied. I spent a lot of time looking in the mirror and reflecting on my life, and it helped me make a big realization- that I was ready for a change.

I decided that since I wasn’t able to do some cardio at the dance studio anymore, I could try Chloe Ting’s famous “Hourglass Body in 40 Days” program. I spent an hour a day on a yoga mat following her videos, and it kept me occupied. This source of technology really helped me gain my confidence and gain control over my body again. Although after those 40 days, the progress was minimal because my already athletic body wasn’t challenged enough. Nevertheless, this made me fall in love with working out and growing my strength. After this, I started to get into weightlifting and it changed my life.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

And I know what you’re probably thinking, how does this relate to technology? Well, if it weren’t for the accessibility of new work out videos paired with social media forcing me to contemplate my body and how much I truly love it. With the goal in mind to better my body, I think I gained something better- a hunger for growth and a new sense of self-confidence. I am able to post my workouts on my social media to hopefully inspire people that were in my position to feel encouraged to work out in order to love themselves even more, and I am even able to post pictures on my Instagram of myself that I wouldn’t have even considered before quarantine. Not a direct causality, but I do give lots of credit to technology for helping me get to where I am today.

3 Replies to “Who Would’ve Known”

  1. Hi Jenny, it’s really great that you were able to use technology to create a healthy lifestyle! You are right, many people focus on the negatives of tech, but there are so many positives like you described in your post. I’ll have to check out Chloe Ting’s videos!

  2. Jenny, nice post on how technology helps you achieve your life goals. I’ve been a gym rat my whole life and when Covid hit, my wife and I realized we weren’t going back. So we quit and stocked up on some small exercise items. But like you, tech came to our rescue. Our pilates class moved to Zoom and I signed up for Apple Fitness to do yoga. So the internet has been essential for us as well

  3. Hi Jenny! This is such an inspiring post! All too often technology and social media is something that is used to tear us down and force us to compare ourselves to one another. I love how technology has had a very different impact on you! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I will have to check out Chloe Ting, I have heard so many great things!

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