A Curse That Became A Blessing

When I think of technology many things come to mind: Instagram, Facetime, Google Meets, Zoom, etc. These are all platforms that I now use on a regular basis but in the last 11 months they went from being my last resort to now being an essential part to almost all aspects of my life. Before the pandemic, I would scroll on Instagram and 20 minutes later a reminder would pop up on my phone and say “hit screen time limit”, I would quickly press “ignore” and continue scrolling. Later I would feel guilty about the hour I just spent looking at a social media platform when I could have been spending time in nature or hanging out with my friends and family. I then would delete the app because I hated “wasting” my time on my phone and would download it again a few weeks later when I got bored. I used to view technology as a curse; it was something that hindered my ability to connect with not only the people right in front of me but the world around me. But since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, that all changed.

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In mid-March of 2020 new phrases were coined such as “Facetime dates” or “zooming with friends” or “teamsing with my boss”; phrases that might have not made sense before that time but were life savers during the unprecedented time the world was facing. Technology became an extroverts best friend. Face-timing people became essential to continue friendships, Instagram soon became a means of quarantine entertainment, and Google Meets turned into the platform where I pursued my goals of becoming an educator. All of these things, that once had felt like platforms that took away from being more present in life suddenly became the way in which I lived my life.

After many months filled with Facetimes, Zoom calls and Google meetings I soon came to the conclusion that the thing that used to be a curse in my life, became a huge blessing. While I do still wish I could limit my screen time to 20 minutes a day, the reality is that with technology I have been able to continue doing the things I love, spending time with people I love and working towards my dreams.

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5 Replies to “A Curse That Became A Blessing”

  1. Hi Marissa!

    I absolutely loved reading this! I agree that technology has evolved to aid extroverts communicate with other people, and I think this is such an interesting topic to talk about!

  2. Hi Marissa, I love that this post is a refreshing new take on our relationship with technology. I also feel bad when I spend so long on my phone, but you are totally right– there’s almost no other way to connect with people right now. It’s a real blessing that we are able to keep in touch with others during a hard time.

  3. Great post filled with interesting reflections and observations. Great irony when you write “All of these things, that once had felt like platforms that took away from being more present in life suddenly became the way in which I lived my life.”

    I guess that screen time thing went out the window with Covid. I wonder how much our habits will be permanently changed. I serve on two Boards of Directors. Not sure why we would go back to meeting face to face. So much easier to go to meetings from home in my sweat pants and “profession” top.

  4. Hi Marissa! Thank you so much for sharing your optimistic view on how the pandemic has changed our use of technology. I agree that technology used to be something that interfered with face-to-face interaction; however, it has quickly become our only source of constant and safe communication. I cannot imagine how the last 11 months would have been without the resources we have today! Thank you for this refreshing and new perspective, I needed this!

  5. Marissa! What a lovely post! This is such a great way to look at things! Technology has really changed the ways we have lives and enables us to do so much this past year! I am grateful as well for all we have been able to do with it!

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